SWOCA’s New Website

We are pleased to announce our new website has been published live!   There is a fresh look to the website as well as new navigation to get to the information you need.  The following provides a brief description of the new areas as well as where to find what you are looking for.

Training – Our training calendar has two display options, List View (default) and Calendar View.  Select the ‘Student Services’ option to view EMIS, PB Suite, and additional Student Services training sessions.  Register for a session by clicking “learn more” in the list view.  You will be required to answer a reCAPTCHA question.  If you answer incorrectly, a new image will appear.  Once you have registered for the session, you will receive email confirmation as well as a link to add the session to your calendar!

Documentation – This will now require a login.  Your username is your SWOCA Active Directory account (PB Suite login, Data Collector login).  Once you are logged in, you can use the “Filters” to select the topic you want to view.

Portals – This is where you can find links to the Data Collector, SSID website, ProgressBook Suite, MRS, et.  Select Student Services to view these links.

Please take some time to browse the new website and become familiar with it.  If you have any questions or feedback regarding the site, please let us know!


Glenda, Sue, Karren, Theresa, and Elizabeth