USPS Release Installed

SWOCA has installed the latest release to the USPS software. This release includes an update to USPSWeb as well as the USPS SOAP services (third party application integration). This update will include the following changes:

  •  New Field – Principal Years of Experience (required for EMIS reporting)
  •  Updated CRDC report to include position codes required for Civil Rights Reporting
  •  Updated MASCHG/MASEMIS to allow for individual selections for clearing EMIS fields
  •  Updated NEWCNT/PURGE option to allow flexibility in clearing the EMIS Contract Only FTE field
  •  Updated QRTRPT to reflect the changes in line numbers on Form 941
  •  Updated SERSMONTH to include the month-to-date and fiscal-to-date retirement hours on the report
  •  Changes to RETIRE programs (both SERSREG & STRSREG) to correct reporting errors and to meet the requirements of SERS and STRS

The release notes for the update have been posted on the Documentation portion of our website under Fiscal Accounting and use the filter USPS or Payroll.