INFOhio ICoach Training at DPS: Session 1

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Mon 19 8:30AM–9:30PM


1 hour

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Kathy Aurigemma

INFOhio Educator Tools Digital Breakout
Kathy Aurigemma

What’s A Breakout?
A Breakout is a scavenger hunt-like game where players use teamwork and critical thinking to solve a series of challenging puzzles in order to open a locked box. Traditional Breakout activities involve physical items, clues, locked boxes and significant preparation. A Digital Breakout activity does not require a purchased kit or materials that have to be prepped and hidden ahead of time, no resetting locks and no sweating. Digital Breakouts can be easily created using Google Forms and can be reused as many times as needed.

Why Use Digital Breakouts?
Breakouts shift the ownership of learning from the teacher to the student. In addition to the content knowledge needed to succeed in a specific game, Breakouts require critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication. Lastly, a Breakout activity provides learners with many opportunities to fail and try again. Every unsuccessful attempt to open a lock forces students to reexamine their information and their thinking.

During this one-hour session, SWOCA I-Coach Kathy Aurigemma will guide you through an INFOhio Digital Breakout featuring INFOhio’s next Gen Educator Tools and then show you how easy it is to create Digital Breakouts. Attendees will leave with the tools, templates and experience needed to create exciting Digital Breakouts for their own students.

Chromebook or laptop required.

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