INFOhio’s WorkFlows Inventory Refresher 3/24/2017 (PM Session)

Date & Time

Fri 24 1:00PM–3:30PM


2.5 hours

Registration Deadline



SWOCA - Warren Training Room




Kathy Aurigemma

It’s Spring and a librarian’s thoughts turn to inventory! Do you keep putting it off because you don’t have expensive equipment? Are you overwhelmed at doing your whole collection at once? Fear not - you don’t need to purchase anything and can do just one section if you want.
Inventory has come a long way. You can do it with a laptop (no internet needed), a scanner (you can use the one at your circ desk or purchase an extra one that could have multiple uses throughout the year), and a flash drive. You don’t need to close your library to do inventory either. In fact, it’s faster if a lot of books are checked out because you don’t need to scan them. Sirsi will account for those items in a report.
Join us for this hands-on session designed to cover all aspects of the inventory process from start to finish.

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