SI Attendance Tracking for HB410

Date & Time

Tue 3 9:00AM–11:00AM


2 Hours

Registration Deadline

Oct Mon 2 3:00PM


SWOCA - Butler 1 Meeting Room
SWOCA - Butler 2 Meeting Room




Glenda Baker

Review the process of adding attendance letters to accommodate HB410. We will provide guidance and ideas for adding Absence Letter Rules to track students meeting the HB410 thresholds. This will not be exact since the existing letter process is based off of days not hours, but it will provide you with a better idea of students who should be on a 'watch list'. We will also review some options for tracking the dates/requirements for EMIS reporting inside SI until the new HB410 screens and reports are available.

You will need to know how many hours per day your school is in session in order to set up the attendance letters.

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