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Karren Lehman and Sue Amburgey



Here is what I rattled off to you yesterday:

1. We cannot complete a transfer from Springboro HS, even when we are done with the document. We will do this with them

2. We cannot see the student profile and we used to be able to do that If they are seeing the link but not the screen, likely pop blockers.

3. We cannot complete SOME documents (Josh W from Lebanon is a student example that is hanging out there, incomplete at this time even though the document IS completed on our end) in SpS unless we delete them and recreate them Josh Wallace has the Parent Invitation removed. If you add that page back in (click the + sign) you can complete the task

4. We still get blank documents imported sometimes and/or we get duplicate document pages imported If you are using the forms imported early in the school year you will still get duplicates. If you will check the box to show the forms that have been imported and then re-import and create from them you will no longer get the duplicates when you CFE We will do this with them

5. We still are getting the weird symbols on some of our IEP’s , especially with the t’s and a few other letters (you said you knew about that one) This is from pasting from another document and not using the pasting tools to remove the background formatting. If you copy it out into a text editor and then paste it back in it will remove the odd characters.

6. We need to talk about the best workarounds for getting our people the access they need in order to be able to most efficiently do their jobs

Thanks in advance for any and all help you can provide to us. I may have missed a few things, but if I did, I’m sure my people will of course let you know of any other concerns on Friday.


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